Basic Human Neuroanatomy
A Clinically Oriented Atlas 

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Welcome to the companion website for the sixth edition of the book, Basic Human Neuroanatomy: A Clinically Oriented Atlas, by Craig Watson, MD, PhD.  With this edition, Basic Human Neuroanatomy becomes predominantly an electronic book, although it also remains available as a hard copy book if the reader prefers.  This allows most of the figures and illustrations in the book to be in color, and the book to be loaded onto any computer or portable electronic device that can display a PDF file.  Both the electronic version (eBook) and the print version are available at, directly at  For a more complete description of Basic Human Neuroanatomy, I am including the Preface to the sixth edition as a separate web page.

Now that the eBook and the print version are completed and published, I will be adding additional learning material to this website, including a series of clinical-anatomical case studies, examination questions arranged in a pretest and post-test format, and, ultimately, PowerPoint slide sets of most of the figures and illustrations in the book.  These features will appear on the website as I complete the formatting and uploading process over the ensuing weeks, months, and even years.  Stay tuned and visit often.

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