Basic Human Neuroanatomy
A Clinically Oriented Atlas 

Pretest and Post-Test Exams

This section of the website contains two sets of short pretests and post-tests grouped in the same three categories as the clinical-anatomical case studies: (1) spinal cord, brain stem, cranial nerves, and blood supply; (2) motor and sensory pathways; and (3) visual pathways, thalamus, and cerebral cortex.  The test questions are similar to, but perhaps slightly more challenging than, the questions appearing on the United States Medical Licensing Examination (USMLE), the Resident In-service Training Examination (RITE) for neurology residents, and the Neurology Board (ABPN) Examination.  This is because these standardized examinations now typically only allow one correct option for each question.  Some of the questions contained on this website have more than one correct option, and the student/resident needs to identify all of them and select the one best answer.  This allows more than one concept or fact to be presented in a single question.  Therefore, the student should treat each option as a true or false answer for the question.

Follow the instructions at the beginning of each pretest or post-test to reveal the correct answers and your score.  After taking the test, click the link at the bottom of the page, as directed.  This link leads to a list of Table, Figure, and/or Page references in Basic Human Neuroanatomy pertaining to each question.  Occasionally, a case study on the website is referenced.  I refrained from including an explanation of the correct answer for each question.  I did this in the belief that the student/resident is more likely to reinforce the learning of the concepts or facts related to the question by reviewing pertinent material than by simply reading an explanation of the correct answer.  I hope these quizzes aid in your learning the beauty and logic of clinical neuroanatomy.

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