Basic Human Neuroanatomy
A Clinically Oriented Atlas 
Case 146 Answers

1.  Indicate the possible anatomical locations of the pathologic process in this case.

Right superior vermis of the cerebellum or its brain stem connections

2.  Indicate the specific structures involved by the pathologic process.

Right superior vermis of the cerebellum.  Spinocerebellar connections

3.  What is the term for this patient’s findings when he attempted to sit on the side of the bed?

Truncal ataxia

4.  In general, what type of pathologic process do you think is involved in this case?  What other considerations would be in this patient’s differential diagnosis?

Vascular – Right superior cerebellar artery infarct (cerebellar branches). 
Metastasis to the superior vermis, cerebellar paraneoplastic syndrome.

5.  What diagnostic procedure(s) would you undertake at this point?

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